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At Gesundheit Clinic we have two methodologies to health, by combining the two, a powerful solution to healing
illness is realized. Please click on the three buttons below for a short slide show on our principles.

Gesundheit Clinic

Dr. Steven Davis, D.C., CTN wanted to create this site for you to have a place to come to find the best in healthcare. Whether it is beauty, fitness, spiritual healing, or supplementation, you will find the future of Energy Medicine today at Gesundheit Clinic.
Gesundeit Village Healing Centers

  • Dr Davis Gesundeit Clinic: Meet Dr. Davis and learn about his methodogy.
  • Gesundheit Village: An information center for energy medicine
  • Tamara's Healing Garden: yoga, health education, and emotional/spiritual healing services
  • Nutrink: Energy medicine store and information center
  • Save Your Brain: Radiation shields for your cell phone, computer and more
  • Restore Your Brain: Yes you can restore a damaged brain through natural safe treatments
  • Radiation Protection: Protect yourself from eleven forms of EMF radiation (electromagnetic Field) with these simple to use devices.
  • Aloe Vera: Find out all the amazing qualities of this healing plant.
  • All Organic Salon and Spa: All natural organic hair care.

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Healing by Working Together

Western or mainstream modern medicine has extraordinary talent and skill in treating trauma. The doctors and nurses in hospitals are miracle workers in repairing the body and returning the function and articulation of movement back to normal after devastating trauma. We honor their treatment of Patients with the highest respect. While this treatment is superior to any known for treating trauma, the same approach to healing (surgery, drugs, radiation) disease and illness is not as successful.

At Gesundeit Clinic our desire is to work in parallel with conventional medicine. We have observed successful healing through natural remedies and energy science. When treating patients with illness and disease, we adhere to the principles of natural and energy medicine by combining proven methodologies, allowing the body to return to an original state of intended wellness and health.

  • Care for all five bodies; mental, physical, emotional, spritual, and energy.
  • Clear chaotic energies, detox poisons, supplement with proven tinctures, choose a natural organic diet and protect your environment from EMF radiation.

Watch the video below for an introduction to energy medicine and the shift from biological medicine.

Dr. Steven Davis D.C., CTN - A Paradigm Shift