The Photon Genius
We are accepting appointments with Dr. Davis for Photon Genius Treatments.

The Skilling Institute's Photon Genius combines the healing power of Noble Gases (Krypton, Xenon, Neon, Argon, Helium in a proprietary combination) transmitted in concert with Energy Infrared waves. The Photon Genius targets the whole body and/or any of its parts with Energy Infrared waves. This is the first instrument to target the body and its parts with Harmonic Energy Infrared to facilitate the body's ability to balance and detoxify while improving the body's ability to heal.

The Photon Genius nourishes the body with a complete spectrum of bio-available harmonic frequencies to break up blockages and barrier tissues in the body, while moving the lymphatic and circulatory systems to assist in detoxification. Nourishment and balance is the driving principal behind this innovative approach to healing. Nourishing the body's powerful selfhealing ability has much deeper and longer-lasting benefits than allopathically forcing a change of symptoms with chemicals (Dr. Martha Grout). Symptoms are simply the body communicating to us about much deeper levels of physiological and energetic imbalances. The Energy Infrared heat is used to elevate the body temperature in much the same way the body triggers a fever to kill bacteria, germs, viruses and pathogens.

The Photon Genius stands about six feet tall in a horseshoe shape. Sitting or standing in front of it, you notice the color therapy with the Noble Gas tubes pulsating and transmitting energy from the Noble Gas glass tubes of various colors and the Energy Infrared heat being transmitted. The Photon Genius transmits Skilling proprietary Harmonic Energy through the Noble Gases vacuum sealed in the colorful glass tubes putting the gasses into a semi-plasma state. Due to the different molecular weight of each Inert Gas, the proprietary Skilling Energy transmitted through this unique combination of Noble Gases generates billions of Harmonics that resonate with the energies of the human body.

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