Mineral and Mag Force

Mineral Force is a subtle energy charged ionic suspension of up to seventy-eight naturally occurring trace minerals. Mineral Force is derived from plant sources using a chemical-free, cold extraction process that retains full nutrient value and enzymatic activity. The natural benefits of Mineral Force have been enhanced through a proprietary energy infusion process that charges the ionic mineral solution with beneficial bio-energetic patterns using state-of-the-art Vital Force technology. Subtle energy enhancement sets Mineral Force apart from every other plant based mineral supplement on the market.

Mineral Force is naturally rich in Fulvic Acid (not to be confused with Folic Acid, a B vitamin). Fulvic Acid is the most complex atomic structure on the planet. It is the end process of all composted organic matter. It is found in large amounts in melting glaciers high in the mountains around the world. All organic living plants and animals are dependent on Fulvic Acid for their very existence, vitality and strength. New research is just beginning to reveal the truly amazing benefits of this missing element in the American diet:

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