There are six EMF products to choose from. Each product protects you against these eleven Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiation:

We offer the six options for your convenience, but using one for each specific application multiplies your protection. While the Mineral / Mag Force offer good protection, if you use a cell phone, you should consider adding a cell phone shield transformer. As you multiply radiation devices in your life, the level of protection needed also multiplies.
  1. Mineral Mag Force
    The zeolite crystals in Mineral Force are infused with subtle energy to neutralize EMF pollution and to detox the heavy metals from your body. Taken twice daily, contains minerals, subtle energy, fulvic acid and structured water.
  2. Cell Phone Shield
    A vinyl disk infused with subtle energy to filter cell phone microwave and EMF radiation sending the destructiove energy to another dimension. Simple adhesive back installation.
  3. Heart and Cross Infused Silicon Crystal
    Wear your protection as jewelry, the silicon cross and heart are infused with the subtle energy patterns to send harmful EMF energy to the next dimension.
  4. EMF Room Conditioner
    The room conditioner is a concentrate that can be added to pure water and sprayed into the room for eight hours of EMF protection or a few drops can be placed in a small fountain and misted for a 24/7 clean room.
  5. Radiation Protection Package
    This one powerful set of five radiation protection and restoration products will protect you from EMF radiation as well as restore damaged cells and corrupted energy pathways.
  6. EMF Computer and Multi-Use Shields
    A vinyl rectangular device infused with subtle energy to filter microwave and EMF radiation sending (transforming) the destructive energy to another dimension. Attach to computers, routers, fuse box, TV's, or any device emitting radiation with simple adhesive back installation.

All products are available for sale from NUTRILINK.


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