Radiation Protection Package

The Radiation Package contains five powerhouses to protect from radiation and restore from radiation damage.

  1. Mineral Force
  2. Mag Force
  3. FlaG
  4. Restore
  5. Aloe Spring
1 and 2, see Mineral and Mag Force description.

3) FlaG Is a blend of Subtle Energies with the intention of raising the intracullar Glutathione level. Glutathione is the key to the success of your Phase 2 detox system.

4) Restore is a broad spectrum healing energy pattern, that cleans and rejuvenates cells. 1.) A foundational energy pattern for recovery and repair: DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis. 2.) Influences and strengthens whatever organ or system that is in most chaotic and disorganized patterns. Balances the energy field, re-sets energy patterns 3.) Global effect on cellular and subcellular structures. 4.) Core function: bone, blood, cell function (energy ATP. DNA/RNA). 5.) Balances water-salt balance (electrolyte balance). 6.) Helps recover from illness. 7.) Cancer prevention: in 7 days blocked Breast Cancer cell line MDA231 and Leukemia THP-1. Both are treatable, lethal cancers! 8.) Specific support to the nervous system at the cellular

5) Aloe Spring is a concentrated aloe supplement giving all the benefits of an aloe juice drink in a convenient package. Aloe Spring is the only aloe stabilized to be fully effective.

Radiation Protection Package is available for sale from NUTRILINK.


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