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Microwave Cell Phone Protection

What is EMF?

Elecro Magnetic Field
EMF stands for Elecro Magnetic Field, and is also known as Dirty Pollution or Harmful Energy. Listed are the forms of harmful radiation that we are exposed to 24/7. The Phone Shield protects you from all of these:

  • Solar Flares
  • Cell Phones
  • Cell Towers
  • Computers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • SMART Power Meters
  • Power Lines
  • Portable Phones
  • Nuclear Radiation
  • Negative Energies

Proven Quantum Physics to the Rescue
Though the solution is simple, the "how it works" is very complex. The Energy Shield significantly reduces the harmful effects of radiation through Subtle Energy infused objects. These objects are infused with energy patterns that neutralize a remarkable amount of dirty energy, shielding you from damaging radiation effects. The infusing process can be applied to all types of substances from liquids to powders to solids. This control of subtle energy is called Vital Force Technology.

Real Science - Real Solutions

A Simple Elegant Solution The elegance of modern physics is demonstrated with our Cell Phone Shield (pictured left). This solution reduces EMF radiation pollution simply by affixing the small transformer disk to your phone. The Cell Phone Shield Transformer Disk is real science and real protection for your family. Tests conducted in the RF Exposure Lab at San Diego, CA proved the effectiveness of the Shield in transforming harmful microwave and all EMF radiation from the body. We use the term transformed because the radiation is not absorbed or reflected. The EMF shield renders your technology harmless. These protective shields are battery free, maintenance free, and will not wear down. Just place one on your device to protect your health.

Subtle Subatomic Energy
Proven at the RF Exposure Lab in San Diego, CA with the SAR tester ALSAS10U. The results are amazing. "In all three cases, the reduction of EM energy under the influence of Subtle Energy infused objects is very significant." The testing personnel were in wonderment and questioned, "where did the radiation go?" The EMF pollution was NOT absorbed or reflected by the infused objects as predicted by the examining technicians, but was transferred to another dimension, a dimension discovered five millennia ago called Chi, now known as Subtle Energy.

The Transformer Energy Shield The Cell Phone Transformer and Computer/Router Transformer are the simple answers to protect yourself and family from microwave radiation, as well as, all EMF radiation. There is no need to worry as the rest of the world scambles in panic. You are protected for life with these devices. For our children using cell phones, computers, tablets, and wireless everything, their need for protection is much greater than adults. Wouldn't it be nice to live with all the communication conveniences without worry? Now you can! Place the Energy Shield Transformers on all your devices and live free and well.

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